Adminstrative Response

We are part of the Church of England which has a major plan which can be found on the national church website
This contains all relevant documents and the process for how we have got to where we are today

All Churches have been encouraged to develop a local 'Parish Continuity Plan' and at our PCC meeting of 16th March we developed our first draft of this.
This plan deals with a raft of questions ranging from who is responsible for what and what to do if various people are incapacitated.

This plan formed the basis of our Action Plan going forward including infrastructure, communications, hygiene, Worship, Pastoral, Activities and Finances.
This action plan is currently being updated daily and is being Shepherded by Andy Schuman and Jon Cave-Ayland. 
It will form the centrepiece of our activity and will be the main point of reference.


We are adopting a three fold central communication strategy.

1) Core Information - will be primarily shared on this website

Core information is the basics and key information and will include links to the Church of Englands central site, worship resources and the like

2) Timely information - will be primarily be shared on the church facebook page. 

Timely information is information where we quickly need to share some news - such as when something changes and we need to let people know.
Facebook also has a social function which allows users to post things on themselves such as when they are in need of something.

We encourage all church members not already on our facebook page to join as soon as possible.

3) Personal information

We are in the process of setting up a network where all members of the church are linked to a member of the Church Leadership team (Parish Council).
We are endeavouring to make this a regular and ongoing point of contact.
This will be both for the passage of information but also for social, spiritual and physical support at this difficult time.

This does not preculde other forms of communication such as email, text and whatsapp, but it is clear about where to find things out and share them.

We will get things wrong and when we do we ask for grace and patience!
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